Winter Essentials For Men

Most men I know rarely shop or only set foot in a shop to buy the one thing they need because its counterpart at home is now reduced to shreds and can no longer be worn. However, with winter approaching it is time to raid your wardrobe and find out what you can no longer recycle from last season. Here are a few things we think you might need to stay warm this winter.

A Good Healthy Parka and Jacket
It usually gets really cold really fast so make sure to have a nice snug parka in your closet ready to wear for when it does get cold outside. A shirt jacket will be softer and more casual and comfortable to wear than the traditional wool overcoat. However, a slim overcoat or topcoat is perfect to complete a formal stylish outfit to attend an evening event or to wear to office in the gentler months of winter.
A zip jumper is ideal for the weekend to go out and relax with friends at a nice warm café or a walk in the park in the months leading up to heavy winter. If you wear suits, try to have a few stitched in thicker fabrics to keep you going through the winter.
Jeans and Bottoms – A nice pair of thick dark-wash jeans complete a wardrobe. These can be worn with anything and with a stylish shirt and jacket, it can easily be transformed from the casual day wear to a chic night time look for the Christmas parties. Try to buy a pair of long johns if you are planning on staying outdoors for long. A good base layer will also help keep you warm outdoors without adding weight. 
Accessories – A hat, a beanie or a pair of earmuffs are plain practical to wear in the winter and sometimes, very stylish. Same can be said for gloves. Having on a pair of gloves in sensible and practical. Find a pair which is tech-friendly so as to be able to operate your smart phone while still remaining warm. There are some very stylish leather tech-friendly gloves on the market. A scarf will help cover up the little niches of skin exposed from the jacket. A nice bright one will make a nice happy outfit, but a simple neutral or navy one will work just fine.
Footwear – Loafers and boots are perfect for winter as they help keep you warm while still being fashionable. A colorful pair of socks will help bring that slight touch of color and vibrancy to your somber work look.