Care For Your Feet During Winter Months

When winter arrives, it is a time to moisturize, moisturize and some more of that. It is a time to keep the skin hydrated and certain parts of our body need more looking after than others. Our hands and feet as well as our face need to be pampered not only to keep them soft and supple but to keep out the harshness of the winter from depleting the skin of its natural moisture levels. Here are some ways to keep your feet happy during the harsh, cold winter months.

Soak it up
After a long day’s walk and being stuffed in socks and shoes, it would do your feet well to be soaked in warm water in which a few drops of almond or olive oil is added. One can also use a few drops of a liquid soap to gently scrub away the outer skin and to keep the skin feeling young and supple. After soaking the feet in the warm water and giving it a gentle scrub, you need to wipe it clean and moisturize it. This procedure is best done before sleeping. It will help you to have great feet to slip into the high quality leather boots Australia next day.

Protecting the feet
It is necessary to ensure that the cold does not get to your feet, which can cause the skin or the calluses to harden up even more. For that reason, you need to use socks or transparent protective foot cover before you slip your feet into shoes like flats online Australia.

Airing the feet
When you tend to keep your feet covered with socks all the time in winter, it can be bad for the skin. For that reason, it is best to keep the feet out of socks and sit for a few minutes or hours every day. You could tuck your feet under the covers or simply sit in a heated room where keeping your feet exposed will not make you feel cold. It is also important to keep the feet out to dry after a bath and after it has been moisturized. It is a bad idea to stuff your feet into socks or stockings immediately after a bath or after applying foot cream. Allow the feet to soak in the water or cream and then only cover your feet.

Choose the right shoe and sock materials
When you are spending most of the winters wearing socks or shoes, you need to ensure that your feet can breathe in these materials. Natural leather and high quality shoe materials will help your feet stay comfortable for long hours. Ensure that you opt for skin friendly fabrics at the time of opting for socks or stockings.