How to Shop at A Thrift Store


Although shopping at the big malls and high end stores is a great idea, it drills a hole down your pocket. These bargain stores are like treasure troves. Here is why and how you can make the most of thrifting.

Why thrift?

It may not be known to you as much, but thrift shopping isn’t for those on a tight budget. This kind of shopping works for vintage hunters who cannot seem to find their style in the high end branded shop racks, charitable people who shop at charity stores, for those who like saving environment and for those who love the idea of a $50 dress for $5. This also helps reduce environmental waste and cuts down on sweatshop labour.


As it is a thrift shop, it would be hard to decide what you want to buy prior to shopping there. These stores generally have varied kinds of items and aren’t stacked based on colour or the kind of clothing like the conventional methods at stores. However, it is good to decide what you want to buy before you reach. When selecting from clothes, be sure to check them inside and out properly. You probably won’t be able to cut down a price because you saw a button missing, but it would save you from buying something that is damaged. If you are lucky enough, you’d be able to find pre loved designer bags or a pair of Louboutin shoes! Don’t avoid fitting the clothes on as well. This is basically the same as a normal store but a bit more used and less colour-style coordinated.

Tips and tricks

Even though it looks as easy as it does, thrift shopping has tips and tricks acquired over the years by people who know the tricks. Befriending the employees is a good way to start. Doing so will help you find out the dates of the new shipments, how old something is, if there are bags of hiding stuff to be found. If the employee likes you, he may even let you take one of the pre loved Gucci bags for less. The second method is to note all the warranties to get a good bargain. Sometimes you may spot some utensils or furniture that have a life time warranty that the previous owner didn’t know about. The positive of this is that a bill or proof of purchase isn’t required to send the item back to the factory for the replacement of a new one. The third tip is to buy even the most outdates pair of shoes or clothes you find. Fashion from the old days never seem to run out of style. Soon enough the bellbottom jeans that you threw out will be back in all fashion model closets.

Finding these treasure stores

If you just found out about the thrift shop concept, you probably realized that the store down the corner lane isn’t for the homeless but for smart shoppers. Finding these store can be quite a task as they aren’t as popular as brands. Such stores are generally found through the word of mouth. However, if you google a few stores around you, you would be able to find some. One day thrift sales may even come up now and then. These are more like pop up stores held on specific days.

Some organisations that work on charity also have them. Even when you go on vacation, don’t forget to find a few thrift stores in the area. You may be able to find some handy pieces.

4 Tips on How to Wear Boots


You must carefully consider wearing boots as sometimes it can clash and make your outfit look hideous too. If you really love to wear shoes then you must pick one which is on budget and something you can get multiple use out of too. Here are some tips on wearing boots for you to consider:
Slimming ankle boots
You must consider wearing ankle boots as they are the most fashion forward pieces out there. Some can vary in price and style but overall they are a great piece for you to have in your wardrobe. You can include embellishments like straps, studs and buckles too. You can also include slim cut pants and skinny jeans to make your look stand out. If you do not like ankle boots then you can purchase some custom ugg boots for the job too.
Classic boots with a twist
You must try your best to purchase classic boots for you to wear every day. Some are great for you style for a minimalistic look. You must try your best to avoid wearing any platforms and items which have too many embellishments on them too. You might then feel that you look too tall too. Make sure that the ones you pick are comfortable! There are several types for you to pick from like low heeled one to riding boots too.
Snow boots
You can try purchasing these which are a great wardrobe staple for many designers out there. Some are weatherproof and stylish too. You must always look for ones which have leather which are durable and have a thick secure lacing and lining too. Make sure that they are hardy for you to slosh around in the snow and ice too!
Construction of the footwear
You can try purchasing footwear which are high quality leather or suede. You can even try something which is trendy but has good zipper detailing and is good for everyday use too. Make sure that you know which footwear you want to purchase. You can even try some custom ugg boots which are great for you to try out. Make sure that you purchase them from a reputable seller or vendor on the internet or store too.
There are several stores nowadays which sell great ones for you to wear. You must make sure that the boots are sturdy and durable for use. Keep in mind that some can be difficult for you to wear everyday too. Always check the sizing guide and reviews of the ones you want to buy on the internet.