Disadvantages Of Online Shopping

Online shopping, e-shopping or e-tail is a method of electronic commerce which involves purchasing goods via internet through a web browser. The customer selects the commodity from the display on the website and the seller transports it to that place after the money transaction. E shopping has become more common and popular than actual shopping. This method is open to everybody and anyone can act as both the seller and the buyer. With time online shopping has developed immensely that million dollars’ worth vehicles are bought and sold over the internet. Though as famous and convenient it may sound, there are some shortcomings in this method too. Explained below are some of them

Personally checking the item
If you are more inquisitive in examining a product before you buy, online shopping is not the right place. Altogether the properties and functions of the commodity are printed on the screen. That’s the most you can get to know about the product before purchase. This is the number one complaint of many online shoppers. They buy cheap corsets online and once they get hold of them, they are not at all like the picture.

Shipping rates
Items bought online should be handed over to the buyer through a courier service. Therefore shipping rates are unavoidably added to the final cost of the product. But the disadvantage is that, even buying cheap corsets online can cost you a fortune. Shipping rates also fluctuate with time and can be expensive with long distances.

Waiting is another disadvantage of online shopping. You will never get the instant satisfaction of enjoying an item bought from a shopping mall then and there. You will have to stay for weeks and weeks for the stuff to arrive and by that time you’ve might even don’t want that. Waiting diminishes the customer satisfaction and online shopping does exactly that.

Refunds and return disputes
Online shopping is like putting both feet on water to see how deep it is. You never know how the product will be. The number one complaint on online shopping is refunding. It’s nearly impossible to refund due to the limited information you have on the seller. Depending on the website you purchased the item, refunding and returning can be tedious and time consuming. Some websites have strict policies on refunding while the damage caused during shipping is not at all their responsibility.

Despite the advantages mentioned above, I don’t think there’ll ever be a change in the amount of goods you purchase online. As long as there are advantages of online shopping the disadvantages will be so small to be seen.